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300 acre tract of land on the james river in virginia
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About Weanack Land

Weanack Land is located on the James River in Charles City, Virginia. Weanack Land was founded in 1994 as a tract of land once part of Historic Shirley. Historic Shirley is North America’s oldest family business, dating back to the 1630s.
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bulk cargo

From dredged materials to dairy cows, and from mineral sands to heavy lifts of hundreds of tons, let our team's vast experience work for your project needs. Contact Weanack Land if you need to move something heavy.

sedimenT PLACEMENt

Whether silts from a dredging project in the river, mud from ship channels, or naturally-acidic clays beneficially reused on site, or material needing transport to off-site facilities, handling wet or problematic materials is our mission.

LOADING AND offloading

Mechanical and hydraulic offloading of wet and dry materials, mechanical onloading of bulk materials, Project Cargo RORO/LOLO and laydown/fab-yard, berthing, fleeting and storage available. Download our spec sheet.


Non-hazardous sediment not meeting our permit and needing off-site disposal can be solidified to meet landfill criteria for dryness and hardness. Whether in-barge at the dock or in a containment area on the terminal, cement or other binders injected and mixed into mud creates a soil-cement.

Our Work


Port Tobacco at Weanack Land is equipped with 274-ton ship-loaders, 300-ton cranes, 70-ton transformers, 80’x’22’ beer vats or Utility-scale baghouses are typical of the heavy lifts and laydown/fabrication projects moved across the dock, and/or assembled here. Weanack handles heavy stuff.

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Sand and Gravel Reserves in Charles City County, Virginia

Situated in the southwestern corner of the county, Weanack Land's cove was shaped by mining operations that extracted up to 1.7 million tons of sand and gravel annually. These materials were processed, loaded onto barges, and transported downriver to the Hampton Roads market and beyond for three decades. Today, Weanack retains the capability to load large volumes of dry bulk materials onto barges. It has also added the capacity to unload substantial volumes of dry bulk materials, as demonstrated in recent projects involving mineral sands and wood pellets. Ideally located, Weanack sits immediately adjacent to a property boasting a 5-million-ton sand and gravel reserve. Furthermore, it lies within a 2-mile radius of an additional 9 million tons of reserves spread across three neighboring properties. Numerous other reserves have also been identified within a short driving distance within the county.

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