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About  Weanack Land

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Weanack Land was founded in 1994 as a tract of land once part of Shirley Plantation. Shirley Plantation is North America’s oldest family business.

In the tradition of family business of agriculture and shipping, Charles Hill Carter III is the 11th generation family member who developed Weanack into the innovative and resourceful land-management business it is today.

Weanack Land consists of 280 acres on the James River located in Charles City, Virginia. Located within Weanack is Port Tobacco consisting of 60 acres of maritime facilities and a sheltered cove channeled off the James River between Richmond and Newport News, Virginia.

Port Tobacco’s port includes a 400' sheet pile bulkhead, 300' of dolphins in line with the face of the dock, 400' x 400' asphalt behind the dock face and 26 acres of back-land. 20' MLLW of berth and channel depth is permitted and maintained.

With decades of experience in the science and development of handling and managing dredge spoils, Port Weanack offers an economic alternative for projects committed to environmental compliance and safety.


Weanack Land has experience in moving a variety of bulk, containerized and other cargos including mineral sands, livestock, aggregates, scrap metal & recyclables, steel/pipe, and heavy lift/project cargo. Whether live loading or surging, grounded or ungrounded, shuttling by midstream or long-hauling, Weanack can bring the cargo across the dock for barges and small ships. Storage, laydown and stockpiling are available on site.

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