Heavy Lift and Project Cargo at Weanack Land

Charles Carter
May 29, 2023
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At Weanack Land, we house some of the most powerful lifting machinery on this stretch of the James River in Virginia, including two 300-metric ton Liebherr Mobile Harbor Cranes. These formidable machines have seen action in complex tasks, such as the lift-off and assembly of major components from international ships, right here on our dock. Once assembled, these gargantuan cranes were rolled onto deck barges for transportation to their final destinations at busy maritime ports, contributing to the efficient handling of large volumes of containers.

Weanack Land is proud of our exceptional capabilities and state-of-the-art machinery. Here's some examples of our equipment and team in action, alongside our great partners.

High-volume Ship loader at Weanack

This video is from Crofton Industries, one of our many great partners! Here at Weanack Land, home to Port Tobacco in Charles City County, VA, we are proud to have played a key role in the successful execution of an intricate heavy lift project. Crofton, utilizing their 350-ton floating crane derrick, The Samson, expertly lifted, transported, and placed a newly assembled 280-ton ship loader from our port facility.

With meticulous orchestration, this colossal ship loader was transported down the James River and seamlessly placed on a new pier. This impressive project demonstrates the functional versatility and strategic advantage of Port Tobacco, and reaffirms our commitment to supporting large-scale operations that contribute to the growth and efficiency of maritime logistics.

  • offload, laydown, fabrication, heavy lift
  • 274-ton.
  • Rail on dock – L/Off

2x Liebherr Cranes (300 tons each)

The major components of two 300-metric ton Mobile Harbor Cranes were lifted off of international ships by crawler cranes on the dock here, assembled on the facility, and later rolled-on to deck barges for transport to their final destinations at maritime ports handling large volumes of containers. lift-off, assembly, roll-on. Weanack lifts heavy

Beer vats - offload and laydown

A dozen 22’x70’ beer vats were lifted off of barges mid-streamed from a ship at anchorage downriver to rest in cradles in the laydown yard for special road transport inland to breweries.

ABB Baghouse – offload, laydown, fabrication, heavy lift

Several hundred sub-assemblies from a ship from Thailand steel plant were lifted off in bundles, brought to the laydown yard to be assembled on fabrication tables into larger components of utility-scale baghouses (very large air-pollution control equipment for a coal-burning power plant).  The components were then lifted onto barges for installation at the final destination.


In conclusion, Weanack Land stands as a paragon of technical proficiency in the handling of heavy lift equipment and project cargo. Our state-of-the-art machinery, including the formidable Liebherr Mobile Harbor Cranes, and our seasoned expertise have allowed us to successfully navigate complex projects from assembling and transporting heavy-duty cranes to intricate fabrication projects.

Our successful track record in offloading, laying down, and heavy lifting various cargo such as colossal beer vats and high-volume Ship loaders is a testament to our commitment to excellence and meticulousness. Furthermore, our role in the assembly and transport of air-pollution control equipment for coal-burning power plants showcases our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

At Weanack Land, we continually strive to push the boundaries of what's possible, converting complex challenges into achievable tasks, and setting new benchmarks in the industry. Dive deeper into our website to learn more about our exceptional capabilities and the diverse range of projects we've proudly been a part of. Contact our team to work with Weanack on your next project.

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